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Are We Right For You?

Advanced Financial Advice for High Income and High Net Worth Professionals

Mass-market financial solutions are not enough when you’re a high income earner, or if you have a high net worth.  You need more sophisticated strategies to help you manage your tax liability and make your money work harder for you. 

At Volant, we specialize in helping you achieve your financial goals while carefully protecting what you’ve built.

Is Volant right for you?

  • I need advanced financial advice and tax-managed investing strategies that help me keep more of what I earn
  • I want help with estate planning, asset protection, social security, long term care, elder and health care planning too
  • I prefer to work with a small team of specialists who understand my unique challenges
  • I want real analysis and strategies tailored to my needs instead of cookie-cutter solutions
  • I want a firm with access to a network of professionals that can help me as my wealth grows

Our Promise To You

We understand that trust is critical to everything we do for you.  When you work with Volant, you are getting a partner who is invested in your success.  Here are our commitments to you as a client.

  1. We measure our performance based on you achieving your goals.

Much of the finance industry measures progress based on sales and “asset gathering.”  Not at Volant.  We measure our results based on your success.  Only when you succeed do we succeed.

  1. We are on your side.

Wall Street is known for its conflicts of interest, but those conflicts can damage your financial future.  At Volant, we act as your fiduciary.  That means we commit to always put your interests first. 

  1. We will work hard to find the right solution for you.

Standard models and one-size-fits-all approaches are easy, but for high income and high net worth professionals, you need more.  So we strive to find solutions that get you better results.  Yes, that may mean more time on research and analysis, but our goal is to find you better solutions, so it is worth it.    

  1. We will always prioritize wealth preservation.

Financial advisors should not take big chances with their clients’ hard-earned money.  We respect that you worked hard to build it, so we will always incorporate risk management and defensive strategies.

  1. We believe in transparency

Volant was formed as an alternative to conflict-ridden Wall Street firms, so we prioritize transparency.  We will always keep you fully informed about our services, our fees and your money.

Our Story

For our founder, Mark Vamvaketis, financial planning is not just business…it is also intensely personal. 

It all started when his father passed away.  Mark was only seven years old. That abrupt shock to his family’s finances could have changed his future dramatically.  Thankfully, his family had life insurance, so Mark was still able to attend good schools and complete college. 

Later in life, Mark had another powerful lesson about the importance of long term financial planning.  This time it involved his grandmother.  As she got older, the cost of her long term care almost wiped out her assets.  Mark was a young financial advisor at that time, so he was, fortunately, able to help her get the care she needed.  Through this process, he learned how critical planning is for these increasingly costly end-of-life needs.

Today, decades later, Mark continues to immerse himself in helping families plan more effectively.  Specializing in assisting high income and high net worth individuals, he’s trained and very experienced in dealing with his client’s financial plans as well as their accountants.  He works together with their professionals to help find and implement strategies to achieve better results. 

He also works closely with estate planning, elder care and asset protection attorneys to help clients ensure their families are protected. 

Along the way, Mark was joined by his wife Dora, who handles the firm’s day-to-day operations.  After 27 years of service to high income and high net worth clients, the team has rebranded the practice as Volant Wealth Management.

Why Volant?  Volant means to fly or to guide.  Mark and Dora are passionate about helping clients turn today’s success into lifelong financial security.

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